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To ensure that scientific and ethical standards are met in the conduct of clinical trials, the experienced clinical scientists of BioResearch Monitors, Inc. use proprietary computer based audit tools .

To maintain independence and objectivity in the conduct of Quality Assurance evaluations, BioResearch Monitors, Inc. does not undertake the conduct or management of clinical trials.

Clinical Trial Quality Assurance services include:

  • Interim quality assessments of ongoing domestic and international clinical trials
  • Validation audits of completed clinical trials
  • Preparation of Clinical Sites for Regulatory Inspections
  • Due diligence audits of Contract Research Organizations (CRO), Site Manegement Organizations (SMO)
  • Independent QA assessments of CRO study management and CRO managed studies
  • Study file and regulatory documentation reviews
  • Drug accountability and reconciliation audits
  • Clinical Laboratory, Bioanalytic Laboratory and other Clinical Facilities assessments
  • Clinical supplies preparation, packaging and distribution audits
  • Data receipt, entry and reporting assessments
  • Clinical trial "Audit Certificates"
  • Final Report and Regulatory Submission Audits
  • Institutional Review Board (I.R.B.) evaluations